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Return to work

Return To Work Compliance. Does anyone Care?

I can only chuckle at the WorkSafe ads.  You know, the one with the overly happy injured employee and the supportive GP that encourages a return to work; the willing employer and the celebration and welcome that occurs upon their successful return to work.

Does this really happen? Really?

I’m all for all parties cooperating to achieve a common goal but this promotion of return to work is far from what really occurs.  Do I really need to be telling you this?

Employers, more often than not, are faced with a frustrating and unsupported return to work process involving employees with one or more of the following: –

Help me

Help Me!! Help You.

Channelling Jerry McGuire, “Help Me!! Help You, Heeeelp Me!! Help You”, has become all too common in our workplace. We see it time and time again; injured employees that instantly believe the management of their injury and their recovery is someone else’s problem or responsibility.

WorkCover is a no-fault system and any injury occurring at work is unfortunate as no-one sets out to hurt or injure their staff, however individuals must take responsibility for their treatment and recovery. Sure, we can provide advice and guidance but you can only lead a horse to water…

It is concerning to see the attitudes of some employees following a workplace…

Casual Employees

Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings for Casual employees

We have had much debate and conjecture over many years regarding the view of WorkSafe in calculating the pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE) for casual employees.

Finally, there has been a positive outcome for any injured casual employee.  The casual loading they receive as part of their employment status is now being included in their PIAWE calculation.

This eliminates the unfair and unjust approach that was being taken by some WorkCover Agents when calculating the PIAWE for casual staff.  Their position prior to this was to deny the casual loading and therefore deny an injured employee a significant component of the normal earnings.  Why?  Because the WIRC…