Claims & Injury Management


Claims & Injury Management

Claims & Injury Management means different things to different people. If you experience anything like what we do the divide between what this means to employers in comparison to WorkCover Agents/Insurers is enormous.

The NewCare Group is not about pushing paper around. We are about achieving positive claim results via return to work or via other means. This is dependent on the specific circumstances around each and any claim you may have.

Our ability and expertise in managing and understanding the drivers and requirements of all the parties involved is our strength. Our unrestricted approach to managing claims allows you, as the employer, to maximise the opportunities for claim resolution.

Ask yourself the following about your approach to claims and injury management: –
• Do you rely on the advice and direction of your WorkCover Agent/Insurer?
• Do you utilise external rehabilitation to assist with your return to work and claims management?
• Are you frustrated with ineffective return to work programs?
• Are you coming up against resistance to your return to work strategies?
• Are the reasons for returning employees to work understood across your organisation?

Controlling and managing the claims and injury management process should not be left to organisations or individuals that do not truly represent your interests. The NewCare Group represent you and work to achieve the outcomes that you want. We have no other agenda or priority.

Working to get the right result differs with every injury. We understand that everyone is different and every claims and injury management strategy must accommodate these differences. It is not an exact science and the time and effort involved in getting someone back to work can be significant.

We make it easy for you. Not only will we improve your claims and injury management outcomes we can do the all hard work for you; manage the entire process and endless paperwork and free you up to focus on your core business.