Who we are


At NewCare Group we have a real passion and enthusiasm to help you manage your WorkCover requirements. We do whatever it takes to achieve a positive claim or policy review outcome and represent your interests and that of your employees. We are not restricted by processes or guidelines that are designed with a one size fits all approach. We understand that every employer has different needs and any workplace injury must be managed with its own unique approach – developed with you and your interests in mind.

A Common Misconception……

We are not a rehabilitation provider. We do not have allied health or medical backgrounds. We are not funded or paid by the scheme. We have no affiliation and are not answerable to any insurer or regulator. We do it our way.

At NewCare Group we manage the process, your people, and the relationships between all parties.

It's the flexibility of our approach and our experience and understanding that allows it to work.

We aim to achieve the best outcome for all involved and can help improve your performance, reduce your WorkCover costs and achieve a positive outcome; from either a claims, premium or policy perspective.

Our experience and expertise spreads across varied industries, meaning we are best placed to manage your individual needs and drive positive outcomes and savings.

We invite you to check out our range of services and get in touch to see how NewCare Group can assist you and your business.