Workplace Safety


Workplace Safety

Most employers will tell us that the workplace safety of their employees is their highest priority. We would all agree that our staff are our greatest assets – wouldn’t we? If this is the case, why is safety such a bugbear for some organisations? Why are safety issues sometimes viewed as a nuisance?

The NewCare Group can assist you in managing your workplace safety program, from an extremely basic level to highly detailed and structured policies and procedures. We view safety as being part of your core business and work to incorporate this into your core business activity.

We understand that workplace safety will directly influence the premium you pay and your overall performance.

We find that getting workplace safety right is a real challenge regardless of the money and resources that are available. Let’s face it; people can do some stupid things and all the systems and training in the world won’t eliminate the human risk.

Having said that, it does not mean you cannot have a robust and measurable system that makes staff responsible and accountable for workplace health and safety – getting staff talking about and living a safety culture is a massive challenge. That’s what we strive to achieve – the investment then pays for itself.

Sounds simple – far from it. But simply ask yourself how important this is to you and how well you do it now. If it’s not important we can’t help you; if you think you can do it better our initial analysis and review will let you know.