Meet the Team


Steve Collett – Managing Director

Having a passion for achieving positive claim and premium results is what drives Steve and what provides our clients with the best opportunity for better results. He gets genuinely excited, to the humour of some, about the opportunities and real improvements that can be achieved by employers through the assistance he and the team at NewCare can provide. Steve will enlighten you, challenge you and eliminate any frustration you may have with your current program.

Twenty-five plus years of experience; half of which has been spent running NewCare, will ensure all opportunities and options that are available to you are explored and exhausted.


Nigel Peterson – Director

Twenty plus years of industry exposure and over ten with NewCare, has provided Nigel with experience that provides our clients with insight and expertise that crosses both scheme and self-insurance environments.

Nigel, by nature, is a problem solver and can be obsessive about ensuring positive outcomes are achieved for NewCare clients. His obsession can drive us all mad, but it is coupled with the empathy and compassion required to maximise your opportunity for improvement and to achieve better outcomes. If there is an alternative option, he’ll source it. If there is an opening, he’ll take it. If there is an outcome, he’ll stop driving us mad.


Julia Zuber – Workplace Health & Safety Consultant

Julia has previously worked in several different roles helping employers to meet their return to work obligations from different perspectives since 1999. Having seen too many incidents that were entirely preventable, Julia went and studied her diploma in Workplace Health and Safety at RMIT. While she’s still involved in managing claims, her current passion is the prevention of injuries and claims – but hey she’s a woman and is entitled to change her mind every 10 minutes (this final statement was not written or endorsed by NewCare Group, but who are we to argue?).

Julia has high expectations of what can be achieved by employers from both a claims/injury management perspective and safety perspective. She will drive you and your staff to achieve the same expectations; resulting in great outcomes.